LaBelle Pizza

Pizza Takeaway
1 Church Lane
Tel: 01874 625685

Opening Times:
Thu-Sun open from 5pm

Number of Vegan dishes:

Pizza £5.50-£12

Comments: Many of the pizzas they sell can be suitable for vegans and they offer quite a few. Order a pizza without cheese, along with the suitable toppings desired. The pizza cutter, pizza peel and cutting bench are wiped clean prior to extracting the pizza from the oven and cutting it, so that no animal product can be inadvertently transferred to the pizza. This process and care has helped them build up a large vegetarian customer base, along with a few vegans and has been appreciated by members of religious groups for the same reason. Vegans are welcome to bring in their own choice of vegan cheese to be used on their pizzas, along with any toppings they don’t have. They have available a list of the ingredients of all their food products. Let them know you are vegan prior to preparation of your pizza. They have been aware of the requirements of the vegan diet and catered for vegans for nearly 35 years.

Church Lane is behind Brecon High Street.

Updated: 28/01/2016
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