The Garden Hotel

Chinese Restaurant/Takeaway
1 High Street
LL57 1DQ
Tel: 01248 362189

Opening Times:
Restaurant 6 days a week 2pm-9.30pm

Recommended Recommended
Labelled Vegan Labelled Vegan

Number of Vegan dishes:
About 20

Restaurant about £4-£9,
Takeaway about £3-£7

Comments: Hotel and Cantonese restaurant. The chef understands veganism very well and can prepare most of the restaurant vegetarian options as vegan. There are mock meat, tofu and vegetable dishes available. Unlike many places the satay sauce dishes are suitable. We think they use vegan oyster sauce but probably best to check. At least one of the sorbet desserts contains pork gelatine. Separate utensils are used to prepare the vegan food. On the takeaway menu dishes are described as suitable for vegans. Recommended.

At the top of High Street in the centre of Bangor, near the railway station.

Updated: 17/10/2015
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