The Old Electric Shop

Vegetarian Cafe
10 Broad Street
Tel: 01497 821194

Opening Times:
Wed-Mon 10am-5pm

Recommended Recommended
Labelled Vegan Labelled Vegan
100% veggie 100% veggie

Number of Vegan dishes:

Breakfast dishes £4.50,
Lunch dishes £5-£9

Comments: All veggie café; the vegan dishes are marked on the menu. It is part of a marvellous vintage emporium, so there’s plenty to look at while you’re eating. The suitable options are.
Breakfast (10am-noon): Avocado on rye toast with local leaves, lemon & maple granola, coconut milk and fruit.
Lunch (noon-3pm): Soup of the day with local artisan bread, the veggie roll (roasted vegetables & homemade hummus) with salads, Buddha bowl (local leaves, rice, roasted vegetables, raw vegetables, tahini sauce & nuts).
The food is fresh and very nice. Ask the staff if there are any vegan cakes such as chocolate brownies; they are lovely and helpful and completely clued up. They serve great coffees with plant milks available. Vegans who have visited highly recommend this café.

Near the clock tower and directly opposite Barclays Bank, in Hay-on-Wye town centre.

Updated: 18/06/2017
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