The Olive Branch

Greek Taverna/Coffee Shop
35 Pier Street
SY23 2LN
Tel: 01970 630572

Opening Times:
Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

Number of Vegan dishes:
5 Meze/Starters, 3 Mains,
5 Salads, 4 Dips/Spreads

Meze/Starters £4.30-£8.30,
Mains £11.20-£11.90,
Salads £4.20-£6.90,
Dips/Spreads £3.90-£4.60

Comments: The vegan meze/starters are sarmades (without garlic yogurt), gigantes, sautéed courgettes (without Greek yogurt), mixed fried vegetables (without yogurt & garlic sauce) and falafel. From the main courses you can have yemista (ask for no garlic yogurt), briam and gigantes. All the salads are suitable but request no feta cheese in the Greek salad and no boiled egg in the potato salad. The other options are beetroot, green and tomato & onion salads. There are no suitable desserts. The vegan dips/spreads are pligouri, esme, melitzanosalata and houmous. Normally the bread is spread with egg before baking but if they have notice in advance, they can bake some without the egg. Inform them that you are vegan; they will replace unsuitable accompaniments, normally served with dishes with something vegan. The staff are helpful. Take out and home delivery services are available.

On the sea front in the town centre.

Updated: 10/04/2016
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