Torna a Surriento

Italian Restaurant
202 High Street
LL57 1NY
Tel: 01248 208488

Opening Times:
Mon & Thu-Sat noon-9.30pm

Recommended Recommended
Labelled Vegan Labelled Vegan

Number of Vegan dishes:
11 Appetisers & Starters, 8 Pasta Dishes,
3 Risotti, 9 Pizzas,
2 Salads, 5 Sides

Appetisers & Starters £3.20-£6.90,
Pasta Dishes £7-£11.50,
Risotti £8.50-£9,
Pizza £10-£13.50,
Salads £4.50-£7.50,
Sides £2-£3

Comments: They have a vegan menu with numerous options of appetisers & starters, pasta dishes including lasagna, risottos, pizza, salads and sides. The pizzas and other dishes include vegan cheese. There are also suitable desserts such as the pictured tiramisu. It is recommended by vegans who have eaten here.

Near the Cathedral, Bangor High Street

Updated: 03/01/2019
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