West Shore Beach Cafe

Beach Cafe
Dale Road
LL30 2BG
Tel: 01492 872958

Opening Times:
February-March & November
Wed-Sun 10am-4.30pm
Mon-Sun 10am-5pm (5.30pm in school holidays)

Number of Vegan dishes:

Vegan dishes £4.20-£7.25

Comments: There are a number of suitable choices available at this beach cafe. All the soups are homemade and are normally suitable for vegan diets. The salad dressing that they make usually contains honey bit it isn't a problem for them to make a light dressing to compliment their salads. From the ingredients available they can make a vegan salad of your choice and serve with crusty bread. They have Vitalite spread on the premises. Another suitable option is jacket potatoes and the baked beans they use are suitable but check on the day, just in case they are using a different supply for whatever reason. They can make pizza without cheese, although on busy days they do tend to prepare them in the morning, so there might be a delay while a vegan one is made. They use the same oil to fry everything including fish, so the chips are not suitable. The falafel burger is vegan but if you do not want it cooked in the same oil as fish, it will take longer to prepare.

On West Shore beach.

Updated: 29/07/2017
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